November 16-17th


Educational program

ex Photo studio, Rotušės sq. 1

November 16th, Saturday

November 17th, Sunday


Kaunas Art Book Fair 2019

Fair hours:
November 16th, Saturday 11:00 – 19:00
November 17th, Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

Kaunas Photography Gallery, Vilniaus str. 2 and
ex Photo studio, Rotušės sq. 1

Entrance free of charge

Kaunas Art Book Fair is an event that creates value for the content and design of an art book and promotes networking. The fair focuses exclusively on the culture of art publishing, building a new community, maintaining an existing one as well as initiating global trends in Lithuania.

The mission of this project is to grow and nurture the community of readers, viewers, publishers and creators of art books in Lithuania by providing a platform for meeting and dialogue with the general public.

Vision – to become a major art publishing event in the Baltic region.

Kaunas Art Book Fair is organized by Kaunas Photography Gallery

Educational Program Curated by Six Chairs Books


Viktorija Mašanauskaitė-Rinkšelė
Head of Kaunas Art Book Fair / viktorija@kaunasgallery.lt

Justina Zubaitė
Curator of educational program / info@sixchairsbooks.lt

Gintarė Krasuckaitė
Curator of book exhibition / gintarė@kaunasgallery.lt

Donatas Stankevičius
Manager of the installation / donatas@kaunasgallery.lt

Miglė Ceinorytė
Designer / migleceinoryte@gmail.com

Aivaras Bacevičius
Manager of WEB / bacevicius.lt

Daiva Juonytė
Press / juonyte.daiva@gmail.com

Gytis Dovydaitis
Manager of Instagram account / gytisdovydaitis@yahoo.com


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Email: kaunasartbookfair@gmail.com
Phone number: +37069987514
Press contacts: Daiva Juonytė / juonyte.daiva@gmail.com


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Tax payer code: LT355109219
Rotušės sq. 1, LT-44280, Kaunas, Lithuania